Friends of the Quentin-Blake Europe School / Förderverein der Quentin Blake Europaschule

Creating an English speaking environment

Helping to enhance the English speaking atmosphere at the school by hiring young people from English speaking countries to spend time with QBES pupils is one of the main projects of the Förderverein Friends of the Quentin Blake Europe school. 

Experiencing an English speaking learning and living environment is key for becoming bilingual at a school where German still is the "lingua franca" outside lessons. Since we want our children to use the partner language in a natural as often as possible, we offer activities in English on a regular basis. By law (Berliner Schulgesetz), our native speakers aren't allowed in lessons (nor are they allowed to fill in for educators!) but they can be with the kids during UEA and AGs. Have a look at their schedule here

Meet our Native English-speaking supervisors

Sam Bayford 

Sam Bayford is British and is a mother of three boys. She has been living in Berlin for two years and is currently on a career break from Derbyshire Constabulary where she is a serving officer. At present, Sam is an overseas volunteer for St Johns Ambulance (SJA). She is a qualified First Aid instructor and teaches in a number of international schools in Berlin, including the Charles Dickens, as well as supporting the training teams in the German SJA.

Erinbell Fanore     

I am from Vancouver, Canada. After traveling and living in different places, my family and I have finally found our home here in Berlin. I have bachelors of Fine Arts from York University, Toronto, and a Master of Drama and Theatre from University College Cork, Ireland. I have taught theatre, directed and performed in Canada, France, and Ireland. It is a pleasure to now be teaching the Theatre AG here at QBES. I look forward to lots of improvisation with the kids and devising our own show. This AG is a celebration of creativity and encourages self-confidence and expression. I am also a certified yoga teacher and I teach here in Berlin. You can find out more about me at:

Carlie Klotz      

Hi! I'm Carlie, 20-years-old, a German-American. My education has
been varied including: the Kennedy School; the Centre for Learning,
Organic Agriculture & Appropriate Technology in India; and a year
of college in the US. I also spent four months in London, getting
work experience in a variety of bakeries. Presently, I'm attending
the German Academy of Popular Arts.

Ted Newiss

I am an English speaking animator and illustrator, I have drawn cartoons for many years and whilst in Berlin I have created work for Cornelesen, ZDF and Arte.


Our Librarians 

To keep the Quentin Blake English Library running smoothly, the Förderverein is funding two out of three librarian posts. The third one is covered by the annual library fees. 

Thanks to our three enthusiastic librarians Georgina Morris, Karen Craig and Maryse Benzler (from right), students, teachers and parents can make the most of our wonderful library.

See the library hours here and the librarians' working hours here.

Currently, the library team is working at getting the 8700 media into an online catalogue that can be browsed from home.


Last, but not least, there's Andreas Döse, our IT specialist. He is the school's technical trouble shooter every time he is around every Monday and Thursday. He also takes care of the Computer room and helps update and set up classroom hard- and software.